What is PreVenture?

The PreVenture program is a personality targeted brief intervention. The program aims to equip youth with self-efficacy and cognitive behavioural skills to help them cope with the numerous developmental challenges that many teens face, such as academic stress, peer pressure, interpersonal conflict and identity development. The program recognizes the importance of individual differences in how people interpret and cope with different types of life challenges. To keep it brief and personally relevant, the program is delivered in a personality-targeted manner.
Using the SURPS (substance use risk profile scale) questionnaire, eligible teens are matched with the personality profile they most closely align with. Subsequently, they attend 2 90-minute workshops led by trained facilitators. Teens begin to understand how their personality impacts their life. They leave the program equipped with adaptive-coping skills that are most relevant to their self-reported personality and coping style.  These skills empower teens to make better choices.

The Substance Use Risk Profile Scale is a brief questionnaire taking less than 5 minutes to complete. It is a scientifically validated assessment tool.


A Unique Approach to Prevention

Personality Targeted

Personality traits play an important role in determining the choices people make and the way in which they respond to stress. The PreVenture program is unique in that it targets specific personality traits which have the potential to influence adolescent risk taking behaviours and mental health.


85% of prevention programs currently used in North American schools are not evidence based. They have no concrete results to show that they work.

PreVenture was tested in multiple randomized control trials across the globe. These trials produced solid scientific results demonstrating that PreVenture works.  It has been recognized as an evidence-based program by several authoritative agencies including UNESCO, WHO, UNODC and the US Surgeon General.

Brief Workshops (face-to-face or online)

The program consists of (2) 90-minute workshops. The brief nature of the program brings added value in that PreVenture does not require a significant amount of resources to run, nor does it take much time away from regularly scheduled curriculum or activities. The program can be delivered face-to-face or online.

Brief interventions can save lives and reduce a broad range of negative health and social consequences, including addiction - centreonaddiction.org


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Why PreVenture Works

Supportive non-judgemental environment

Trained facilitators guide teens through workshops where they feel safe and heard

Fosters connection

The group setting allows for like minded youth to come together

Empowers teens

Knowledge is power. Teens come away from the workshops with a new set of skills

Promotes well being

Cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing skills help teens to better understand themselves
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