Become a PreVenture Facilitator

If you are a mental health practitioner, counsellor, teacher, social worker or prevention specialist, you can train to become a licensed PreVenture facilitator and help bring this program to your community. Our Expert Trainers host training sessions at our headquarters at CHU Sainte-Justine hospital in Montreal, Quebec, as well as travel globally to train Facilitators. Please contact us to find out more.

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Research has shown that certain personality factors can create a higher level of vulnerability to risk-taking behaviour and lead to mental health issues and/or alcohol and substance misuse. PreVenture is an evidence-based, brief intervention for teens. It is personality targeted, making it unique in the in the world of prevention work.

The intervention requires the teens to complete a short questionnaire called the Substance Use Risk Profile Scale (S). The SURPS determines which personality profile teens most closely align with and subsequently, eligible teens are invited to attend 2 brief 90-minute coping skills workshops designed to suit their personality profile.

PreVenture Workshops Aim To:

Provide teens with a safe, non-judgemental atmosphere
Use cognitive behavioural therapy and motivational interviewing techniques
Help teens to be more mindful of their thoughts and behaviour
Teach teens adaptive coping skills
Assist teens in identifying long term goals
Equip teens with skills to work towards achieving their goals

What are the Steps to Rolling out the Program?


Upon determining the type of parental consent (passive or active) required in your region, forms are sent out to parents


Target audience completes the SURPS questionnaire (5 to 10 minutes)


Questionnaires are tallied, eligibility and group assignments are determined


2 90-minute workshops are scheduled and invitations are issued to eligible teens


2 90-minute workshops take place, at least 1 week apart


Frequently Asked Questions

How much time is needed to run the PreVenture program? 

The PreVenture program consists of 2 90-minute workshops, spaced approximately one week apart. Our facilitators tend to appreciate the PreVenture model, especially compared to many other school-based programs which can take 12-15 hours away from class time.

What is the ideal age or grade to implement the program with? 

Your target grade will depend on the unique needs and desired outcomes within your school or community population. Most of our schools or community partners have chosen to run the program with either grade 7, 8 or 9 students year after year, but the program has been designed for adolescents aged 12 – 17 and is appropriate for any youth within this age range.

Can the workshops be broken up into shorter session?

Yes. The workshops can be broken up into three 1-hour sessions or four 45-minute sessions instead of the standard two 90-minute sessions if needed, based on school scheduling and preferences This will not impact the fidelity of the program so long as all material is covered.

How do we obtain consent from parents before offering the PreVenture program to students?

Most of our schools and community partners use an opt-out model (passive consent) to inform parents about the PreVenture program prior to running the workshops. We will provide   both passive consent and active consent letter templates that can be adapted and sent to parents prior to the workshops. It is ultimately up to each school or organization to establish how parental consent will be obtained, as this piece needs to be in line with local laws and school/organizational policies. 

For the sake of evening out the numbers in the different personality profile groups, could I move an adolescent to a different group or combine groups if needed? 

Groups cannot be combined and adolescents can only be moved to another group if they are also eligible for that group. The personality targeted factor is what makes PreVenture unique and effective. Each adolescent is given a manual designed for their specific personality style. Adolescents with similar personality traits are taught how to channel their strengths towards achieving their goals.

If the teens are placed in specific personality profile groups, how is labeling avoided?

The SURPS questionnaire does identify which personality profile is best suited to each adolescent as well as which adolescents would be best served by the program, however anyone who wants to participate may do so. The results are strictly confidential. Moreover, confidentiality is discussed at the beginning of each workshop. Participants are asked to agree to keeping what takes place in the workshops confidential. Building trust is an essential component of the program

Can PreVenture be used alongside other prevention programs? 

Yes, research has shown that PreVenture works as effectively when combined with existing universal programs (Newton et al., 2019).  

Do I have to have a degree in Psychology or a similar field to be a PreVenture facilitator? 

In order to be eligible to become a PreVenture facilitator, you must have experience working with adolescents. Furthermore, you must be employed by an educational or counselling institution and/or be members of a professional order/association. Some examples of individuals who have trained to be PreVenture facilitators are  psychologists, psychotherapists, nurses, guidance counsellors, social workers and teachers.

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