Are you interested in learning how your personality can influence the choices you make? Sign up to participate in PreVenture workshops and gain a better understanding of how your personality can impact your life. Learn what motivates your decisions and empower yourself with the knowledge and ability to make the best choices for yourself.

Connect with like minded teens in a non-judgemental atmosphere. 
Learn the difference between healthy and unhealthy coping strategies.
The workshops are voluntary and confidential
Learn how to set long term goals and channel your personality towards achieving them.
Come away with skills to help you better manage tough situations.
Teen Testimonials

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I miss class for the PreVenture program? 

The timing of the PreVenture workshops will depend on how your school decides to schedule the program. There are 2 workshops and each workshop takes 90 minutes. Talk to the PreVenture organizer at your school to find out more details about your workshop day, time and location.

Will my friends know I am attending? 

No. Only the students in your workshop group will be aware that you are taking part. All workshop participants (students and staff) agree to a confidentiality agreement, ensuring that the groups are a private and safe space. Building trust is an essential component of the program.

Will my parents know?

An informational letter about the PreVenture program will be sent to parents. Depending on your age and the laws around consent in your province or state, your parents may or may not be required to sign a consent form for you to participate in the program. Talk to the PreVenture organizer at your school if you have questions or concerns about your parents knowing you are attending the program.

What will I get out of this program? 

You will learn about your personality, your thoughts and behaviours, and how to get what you want out of life. Teens who have been through the PreVenture program reported that they enjoyed learning new things about themselves and many found that connecting with like-minded peers in a group setting, contributed to helping them learn valuable coping skills. We hope this program will provide you with skills that will lead to a healthier, more self-aware you! 

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